In metaphors


What is depression like?

You know how a flower’s delicate petals wilt when exposed to too much sunlight? How, if left unattended, they’ll crumble in your hands?

Remember just how easy it is to forget that the kitchen tap is running? You might not realize until the bubbles blow up like a hot air balloon and trail to the floor,

Or how a cigarette starts to disintegrate within seconds of shaking hands with a flame?

I’m a car revved up for a road trip on a quarter tank of gas,

an 800-page book with too small of a font for anyone to read.

I’m an undercapacity human who wishes she didn’t have to describe her life in metaphors.

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Tips for Writers Struggling with Anxiety and Depression


If you’re caught in the endless cycle of being extremely particular about your work, but also don’t have the energy to perfect it, here are a few adjustments you can make to smooth out the process. An article I wrote for the Write or Die Tribe:

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Poets That Inspire Me to Write


Poetry has grown and adapted to take several forms over the years, whether it’s poetry from a century ago that you’d dissect in your high school English class or slam poetry that’s plastering social media in 2019. I combined the most inspiring poets from all realms in this piece for the Write or Die Tribe:

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10 Writing Exercises to Help Your Creativity Flow


On the days you’re struggling to put ink on your paper or your fingers to the keyboard, try following these 10 writing exercises to help your creativity flow. A listicle I created for the Write or Die Tribe:

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A friend, a daughter, a sister.

She grinned ear to ear until she was alone–her danger zone.

Where she collected beer tabs and hid empty prescription bottles under the bed.

What was spinning in her head? I question.

All I know is that the signs felt like pinches

until they slapped me in the face.

Canadian Association for Suicide Prevention:

  • Ten people will lose their lives today by suicide in Canada.
  • In 2016, there were 3,926 suicides in Canada.
  • Men are three times more likely to die by suicide, although women are three times more likely to try.
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